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  • Boosternet extender supports multiple wireless-enabled devices
  • Extend your WiFi signal to each corner with two 180 degrees rotating antennas
  • Highly flexible with 4 modes that include: router, extender, bridge and AP
  • Easy set and portable WiFi booster that fits every space - house, office, hotel, restaurant, etc.

The booster is working with any type of router and supports any operator !



Connect to WiFi Anywhere

This small but robust 300 Mbps Boosternet WiFi booster will extend your existing network to the furthest corners of your house with its 2 rotating antennas. Whether you are in the upstairs bedroom or the backyard, you can enjoy a seamless WiFi connection. 

Use the mode that best fits your needs

This powerful Boosternet repeater has 4 modes to perfectly match your every need – router, repeater, bridge, and AP. Whether you need to extend your existing signal, create a new network, or turn your LAN internet into WiFi, you can easily do it with this model. 



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George M. Verified Buyer

“Really great WiFi extender I am considering buying another! Was a little dubious at first as not familiar with the brand but decided to take the plunge and it's well worth the price. Works so much better than the TP-Link I had before that didn't seem to jive well with the router.”

O'Dell Verified Buyer

“What a huge difference, was using a more expensive well known branded wifi booster for a few weeks, tried all positions etc but still one room wasnt getting any signal. So returned that one and bought this, its much easier to instal.”

JD Mary Verified Buyer

“With us being in lockdown due to Coronavirus WiFi is evermore important in our house as the kids are using streaming and gaming more.Simple to set up and once in place it's made a massive difference to our WiFi.”

Tom M. Verified Buyer

“I've got a loft conversion and the internet signal is really poor up there so I bought one of these to try and boost the signal. And it worked! It was actually a lot easier than I thought to connect this. The instructions were clear and plain to understand and within five minutes I was set up and ready to go.”

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Peter K Verified Buyer

“Could barely get a signal in my garage, now with this extender I have an excellent connection. Set up was easy!”

Jade J. Chambers Verified Buyer

“I bought this to get wi-fi into a dead zone. Although the router was two rooms (with thick walls) and two heavy doors away it did the job well.”

Grant P Davey Verified Buyer

“It's really easy to use. You just need to plug it, follow some easy instructions and it works.”

Mark Sowden Verified Buyer

“This didn't do what I hoped it would but that's probably down to my inadequate research. However, it has extended WiFi range within the house quit effectively. The signal seems to be more stable than the router. It needs to be within good range the router and then relays the signal a bit further. That's been sufficient to provide coverage in an annoying blind spot in the kitchen. ”

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Amanda B Verified Buyer

“This range extender is so easy to install, it’s incredible. My 80 year old mum (who I bought it for) installed it without even calling me. ”

L Thompson Verified Buyer

“This handy little gadget extends the wifi signal in your home. As a totally non-technical person, this is quick and easy to install Super-simple, super-efficient, excellent bit of kit. ”

Chris Moz Verified Buyer

“Really excellent item. So easy to set up. ”

Armnold Verified Buyer

“Product is a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. Product feels great and works like a little charm.”

Roberts T. Verified Buyer

“I was getting some dropout upstairs so bought one of these to try and improve it. Installation is very easy. I now get a full signal with no dropouts. Brilliant value.”

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“Within two minutes I had it unboxed, plugged in and set up. Takes longer to type in your password. Great signal..”

Ann M.

“To be honest, I was quite skeptical thinking it wouldn't work, but how wrong was I! .”

Mark V.

“I'm so glad I bought this item, and thanks for fast delivery!.”


“Absolutely fixed our problem and actually provides the most reliable connection across the entire house!”


“We bought this to put in our extension, temporarily at first, just to get internet in there whilst we feed the newborn. However, we will probably be looking to keep it there due to how well it works. It has kept the WiFi in our house strong and consistent for the past 2 weeks of having it on in there.”

Allan V

“I am pleasantly surprised with this gadget. Bought as my home office is quite far from the router, and the sound of my calls were of poor quality. This device was very easy to setup, and once placed in the right position, my signal is of much better quality, even when far from the receiver.”


Router Mode

Create and share your own network

Repeater Mode

Extend your WiFi signal to every corner of your area

Bridge Mode

Create a subnetwork designated for visitors

AP Mode

Create a WiFi access point for your LAN internet


In case the lousy WiFi signal is not letting you work or live with the comfort you deserve, invest in the best WiFi booster UK has to offer. When you buy WiFi extender, you get the convenience of 4 modes that will please even the most demanding customer, and fit whatever needs you might have. When you buy the best WiFi booster range extender, you make your life much easier and stress-free, making sure neither your work nor personal relations will suffer from the faulty signal. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and free shipping all across the UK, for your utmost convenience.